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My "extra - oridinary" life. [entries|friends|calendar]

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7:51am November 28th]
[ mood | Rant-Worthy ]

Warning. Do Not Enter Unless Ready To Read A LONG RANT!Collapse )

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2:38pm April 19th]
[ mood | SUPER UNHAPPY ]

So me and Guy have been together....3 months. Round about. And long distance reletionships suck alot of the time. Infact the majority of the time they suck. I like him alot, maybe even love him. I know I love him...but I dont know if I'm IN love with him.

And last night, I was very unhappy. I think this was becuase I was arguing with my parents, its nearly exams, Im a bit under the weather and I miss Guy. We had a discussion about why I was so unhappy. And I explained that I miss him alot, we never say I love you on the end of texts, phone calls, MSN conversations and that I feel like Im the only one making an effort. And He said he didn't know whether it was worth it, whether we were worth it, whether I was worth it. He said he needed time, to figure it out. I said, on the phone, that he had to make the decision and when he had to tell me, and promptly hung up. I slept an grand total of 3 hours last night. I have waited all day for him to text me and he hasnt, he didn't phone me either and so I texted him about...half an hour ago. I said

"I can't wait any longer for you to make a decision, so I'll make it for you. This is not what I want, but its over."

So....welcome back to the world of being single Meg.

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11:53pm March 11th]
[ mood | curious ]

Just some questions I think I should ask myself:

Why is it, that I always leave essays to the last possible moment?

Why is it, that even though I have a boyfriend, I still dress up when I know I will see my ex?

Why is it that I spend years on my hair the night before, go to bed, and wake up and its a HUGE bushy mess?

Yes. All of these things need answering, I could answer them, but then I would be annoyed at the answer. So I wont.

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Meg Is Not Dead. [Friday
10:04am March 9th]
[ mood | crushed ]

So yes. I haven't actually updated in a while.

I got my Unit One As Level Results yesterday, so now is a good a time as ever to post.

In Physics I got...A U. So Yeah. I totally suck.
In Psychology I got...A D which was two marks off a C.
In Chemistry I got a C which was one mark off a B.

So yeah, I am not too happy with these results seeing as I need AAB to get into York. But I have decided I want to go to Derby. To do psychology. Derby is pretty and I don't need as good grades, I think. I'm just going to look it up now. It's not actually that definite what I need...but yeah. More research is needed before I do that.

Over and Out.

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10:29am May 6th]
[ mood | blank ]

So I went out last night.

And I realised something...I don't really have any friends. I mean I have "friends" but I'm not close to any of them....I don't have a "best friend" except one who moved to America and one who is my auntie and lives a million miles away.

When I think about stuff like that I kinda.....get...annoyed at myself. For thinking I had finally managed to fit in here.

I mean I was friends with this one girl....I mean I thought she was amazing and everything....and we used to talk a lot....now she ignores me, and if she has to talk to me...its one word answers.

I don't know. I'm in a ... depressive area in my life again. Which I shouldn't be....its sunny most of the time and warm enough to just smile. But I can't be...I just...don't have the capability to be.

Boys suck. Badly. And they put sugar in your hair....and they do stupid things.

Will update later.

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