Meg (meg_in_love) wrote,

I think, maybe, I haven't posted in almost a year. This shocks me. I don't know why I haven't and today I just felt I needed to let it all out. So many things have happened to me in the last few weeks...and months, I guess...some of them good, some of them not so good.

I wont go into them because...well they are not really something I want to go into. I will, however, have a little rant about my boyfriend's mother. She is very nice to my face, talks to me and such, but behind my back she told my boyfriend that I'm not worth it, that I'm not good enough for him, that I'm just after his money [pile of crap if you ask me]. I mean...the not worth it bit and the not good enough bit I understand. I know that I'm not perfect but I am trying. His dad already doesn't like me as I am a "distraction" from his school work. So now out of the four people that live in his house only half of them like me. I have decided never to go to his house ever again...because I'm so obviously not wanted there.

There we have the problem. Recently my parents found out that me and him were having sex. They dont want him to stay over at ours because they dont want us to have sex. Which makes sense really....not. If they know we are having sex...they cant do anything to stop us...and making me unable to see him is just a great way of going about it...I'll just have sex with him somewhere else. The real issue is that he lives in coventry...which is about...a 3 hour train ride away from Leeds. So if I want to see him it makes much more sense for him to come for the weekend. Better value and all that.

Now as my parents dont trust me...its going to take ALOT of convincing to let him sleep at mine. Which is ok..because I think I can manage that. But to screw things up even futher, I just got a text from him reading:

"Oh Shit. Today is not going well. I overslept and guess what mum dropped on the floor when emptying the bins. My dad now knows what we are up to."

His dad is very traditional. This is not good for me. If I wasn't already the big distraction that is trying to stop his son from doing well at school, I'm now the slut that is lureing his poor innocent son into bed. I think maybe..he should just break up with me and find someone who is nice and his parents will love. I mean...that will actually break my heart but I love him enough to want him to be happy and I dont know if he can actually be happy with someone his parents hate.

On a good note...I have got my offers from University now. Well..most of them. I was rejected by York...not good enough grades but oh well. But I got into [ in order of preference]

Derby - I need 220 UCAS points. Works out about CCC.
Portsmouth - I need 300 points. Works out at BBB.
Plymouth - Haven't had an offer yet.
And Last
Chester - I need 260 UCAS points with at least a C in Psychology.

At the moment I am working at BBC. This means...I'm well on my way to getting into the universities that I want to go to. This is good :]. I really want to go to Derby. It's a lovely city and the course is amazing. So...lets hope i get in there.

Well I must go. I am going on a school trip to Manchester. Should be fun. Haha. Not.

Much Love

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